The Admin Boss Add-on

The Admin Boss Add-on for Minecraft PE adds boss from popular computer game Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 ( I hope you already recognized him and you like this Mojang pixel game ) Everyone will in awe of boss size. He will really big, huge and look terrible. Prepare to battle with him as well as possible, because it will be very hard work kill this dude. Take the best armor and weapons, invite your friends to help you.


This boss hates not only you. He will attack other living beings in your world. Animals and villagers will died. So, you have one more mission, why you have to kill this boss, because you save the Minecraft world from him.

Developers: Jujustyle7, Twitter Account

How to spawn the Boss?

Boss replaced by llamas. You can go to savannah boim and try to find him or you have to create new world with creative mode and in your inventory take his spawn egg.

Recommend for Minecraft PE 1.1 +
DOWNLOAD: the-admin-boss-add-on-official-release.mcaddon [2,19 Mb] (count: 176)


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