RC Car Addon

RC Car Addon for Minecraft PE adds radio-controlled cars. Now you can invite your friend and make real formula 1. There will be two different radio controllers and two cars for them. Do not forget charge cars, before start.


Guide for this mod

First question is, where you can get controllers for cars?

Or you can go to village and buy it in villager, or you can get it from creative inventory, because

  • Egg replaced by blue controller
  • Snowball replaced by red controller

How to get the cars?

You have to know, there are two cars for two controllers.

  • Blue RC Car (Wither Skeleton) Red RC Car (Stray) RC Car Seller (Villager)

Recipe here

How to charge the cars?

As I said already, before start, cars need a charge. How to do it? Easy! Gold nugget replaced by battery.



  • Android/iOS: Take battery in your hand and make long tap on the car
  • Windows 10: Take battery and right click on the car

How to control the cars?

As you know to your controllers replaced by snowball and egg, you have to use it throwing them and choose directions.



recommend for MCPE 1.1+

download this mod from mediafore


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