Ender Horse Add-on

Ender Horse Add-on for Minecraft PE adds ender horse in your world. This horse has interesting and unique feature. It is teleportation. Unfortunately, you cannot influence on this process, nevertheless it is great thing! In addictions, this horse is very quickly,mobile and just very high.


Developers: Ayrtown_Karlos, Twitter Account


How get the horse?

It is very easy. Just try to find her in your world.


How to tame horse?

If you want to make your horse as your friend, you need tame her. You have to seat on this horse and wait until you see some hearts.


How to control horse?

  • At first, take saddle in your hand.
  • Then seat on the horse
  • Open her inventory
  • Put the saddle on the back


If you have Windows 10 device. At start, you have to put «E»
some screenshots of this mod

For Minecraft PE 1.2 ( Build 1 + ) DOWNLOAD: ender_horse_behavior_by_ayrtown_v2_b.mcpack [6,98 Kb] DOWNLOAD: ender_horse_texture_by_ayrtown_v2_r.mcpack [8,25 Kb]
For Minecraft PE 1.1 ( and lower ) Behavior pack Resource pack


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