Dirt Bikes Addon

Do you like speed and be fast? I recommend for you Dirt Bikes Addon for Minecraft PE. You can add bikes in your world and move very fast whenever you want. It addictions, you can choose your favorite bike from 10 different colors. This vehicle is very easy to get and control. This addon adds also new suit for bikers. I think you will like it.

Developers: Gona, Twitter Account


How to get the bike?

You have two ways to do it. The first one, just go around your world and try to find it. It should be easy, because bike will be replace by spider. Other way is simpler, create new world with creative mode, open your inventory and get the spiders spawn eggs.


How to start driving?

Come to your bike and make long tap on it. After it, you will see new button DRIVE, push the button and start drive. ( if you have Windows 10, you have to use right click instead of tap. )


How to control your bike?

To control and choose direction your vehicle, you have to take and hold in your hand the key ( replaced carrot on the stick )


How you will look with new biker’s suit? ( replaced chainmail )

Your bike at nighttime
screenshots with different colors

We recommend install it for MCPE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: dirt-bikes-behavior-pack.mcpack [163,28 Kb]

and choose on of this texture packs

DOWNLOAD: dirt-bikes-black-and-white-resource-pack.mcpack [180,21 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: dirt-bikes-green-and-orange-resource-pack.mcpack [180,87 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: dirt-bikes-lime-and-green-resource-pack.mcpack [180,9 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: dirt-bikes-purple-and-yellow-resource-pack.mcpack [180,89 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: dirt-bikes-red-and-blue-resource-pack.mcpack [180,84 Kb]


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