RoboCraft Addon

RoboCraft is Addon for Minecraft PE which adds big robot in your game. You can get in this robot and control him. For example, you can attack enemies with missiles or get amazing abilities ( jump high, ran fast ) After get this robot you will absolutely change your world and get a lot satisfactions.

Developers: Kiritocris55, Twitter Account


How to build the robot?

Technically, the process of building robot is the same of process building golem. You need to have 4 iron blocks and 1 pumpkin. Look at screenshot below and try to repeat this structure ( put pumpkin as a head )


How to ride the robot?

It is very easy to do it. You have to with empty hands come to robot and make long tap on him, then you will see new button, push it.


How to control the robot?

You will get new item in your world, the key ( shears ) After you get in robot, you need to open your inventory ( instead yours, open robots inventory ) and put the key in saddle slot.


We recommend install this addon for Minecraft PE 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: robocraft_b.mcpack [371,66 Kb] (count: 85) and download one of this texture

DOWNLOAD: robocraft_black.mcpack [443,08 Kb] (count: 48)

DOWNLOAD: robocraft_green.mcpack [446,97 Kb] (count: 27)

DOWNLOAD: robocraft_blue.mcpack [450,86 Kb] (count: 43)


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