More Jockeys Add-on

More Jockeys Add-on for Minecraft PE adds more Jockeys in your world. These kind of mobs ride the animals. ( for example creeper can ride the sheep or something like that ) Jockeys more powerful and faster, it make your game more difficult. As for me, it is a lot of fun have new funny mobs in my world.

developers: Ayrtown_Karlos, Twitter Account

How it works?

After install, this addon amount of jockeys will increase. Very interesting fact, the mobs start to ride the animals only when they see you. Do not forget play in survival mode to this addon works correctly.

Now you cannot run of hostle mobs, because they will be really faster and quicker. You have to stand and fight with them.

for MCPE 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: morejockey_resource_pack.mcpack [6,54 Kb] DOWNLOAD: morejockey_behavior_pack.mcpack [39,4 Kb]

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