Mob Trophies Addon

Mob Trophies Addon for Minecraft PE adds in your world trophies. You can get it from hostile mobs and then put to your house or show your friends. There will be 25 kind of trophies and you can catch them all! They will dropped from every 25 mob, which you kill. As for me, I think it is good mod for get fun.

developers: solvedDev, Twitter Account


How it works?

After install this addon, hostile mobs will dropped trophies. It is great things to collect or put them to home for decoration things. In total, you can get 25 trophies. Every hostile mobs dropped different one. So, try to collect all of them and get fun!



We recommend install this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 DOWNLOAD: mob-trophies-v1_0_0.mcaddon [33,74 Kb]

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