Nuke Addon

Nuke Addon for Minecraft PE change your TNT block in nuke. You have never seen so big explosion like you can see after install this addon. Also, you can download texture pack for low and high device ( in depends what you have ) So, you can really get fun with this nuclear weapon. Try to blow up the bridge, airport, houses or you have any other ideas? You can implement them!

Developers: JPlaysPE, Twitter Account


More information about addon

In addictions, you can get new nuclear suit ( replaced by golden armor ) but I do not mean this suit can defeat you of nuke explosion.

On the screenshot below you can see how big explosion is.

Actually, you have 35 seconds time to run! So if you activated the bomb just run as quickly as possible.


In addictions, the normal creepers will replaced by nuclear creepers. They will more powerful and change the skin.

Recommend for version of Minecraft PE 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: nuke-3_0-behavior-1.mcpack [6,56 Kb] and download one of the texture DOWNLOAD: [15,66 Kb] OR texture for high device


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