Tank (Tiger I) Addon

As you remember, we have one addon which adds the Tank. This is another one and it called Tank (Tiger I) Addon for Minecraft PE. You can get famous tank, which Hitler used for Second Wald War. It is amazing vehicle for moving fast and quickly. It also can help you in attack, because you will shoot rockets.


How to get the tank?

Tank replaced by Witch mob. So you can easy get spawn eggs or just go and find it in your Overworld.

How to get in?

You have to come close to you tank and make long tap on it. After, you will see new button DRIVE, just push on this button.

How to control this tank?

You need hold bow ( works as a key ) and choose directions.

some screenshots

As I said already, tank Tiger can shoot rockets. Now your enemies will fear you.

Invite your friends and make great battle!

we recommend install this addon for MCPE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: tank-addon.mcaddon [919,91 Kb]


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