All Mobs Rideable Addon

All Mobs Rideable Addon for Minecraft PE is amazing modification, which helps you ride any mobs in your world. Great? The main feature is that you do not need hold something in your hand to control your pet. Rideable mobs will move faster than usually, this is big advantage for you, because you will quickly get some place in game.


How to ride the mobs?

The process of riding any mob in your world is the same as you ride the horse. You have to just come closer and make long tap on the mob. Than you will see new button RIDE, push on it.

How to control the pet?

You can control it with empty hands. Control rideable pet the same as you control your character.

recommends for MCPE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: ridable-mobs-addon-v2_0.mcpack [384,7 Kb] (count: 18)

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