Better Storage Add-on

Better Storage Add-on for Minecraft PE adds new storage block. You can storage, for example, carrots ( as you can see on screenshot ), bones, potatoes, ets. It is very useful, because you can clear your inventory and have free places for something else. This block you can easy buy in some villager.


How to get the storage block?

Try to find closest village and go there. You have to find there Crate Sellers villager and he can sold you this storage block. For example, you have to pay 64 parrots ( screenshot below )

Unfortunately, you there are 7 storage box for 7 items.

It also possible get back your stuff from Crate sellers. Look at screenshot below.

recommends for MCPE 1.2 + version DOWNLOAD: betterstorageaddonresources.mcpack [8,14 Kb] DOWNLOAD: betterstorageaddon.mcpack [4,36 Kb]

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