Astronomic Expansion Addon

Astronomic Expansion Addon for Minecraaft PE adds new items, weapons and mobs in your world. Some of them increase your speed, make your jump higher, reduce gravity and so on. If you want implement new interesting items in your game just install this addon.


How to get the items?

At first, you have to know about two news villagers. One of them called Astronomer, another is Magician ) They will sold you new items, each of them have different ones.

You can use other way to get items. Write in chat this command:

  • /give @p yellow_flower 1 [1-8]

Now I want to show you list of these items

In Astronomer you can buy:

  • Star Powder – turn zombies into Galactic Zombie bosses.
  • Fallen Star – ingridient
  • Star Sword – weapon
  • Shield – Decrease your speed, but you cannot die hold shield
  • Umbrella – use it like parachute
  • Fire Amulet – fire damage immune
  • Elytra Starter – boost up in the air
  • Panic Necklace – increase your speed.

In magician you can buy:

  • Vampir potion – turn you in vampir at night
  • Werewolf potion – turn you in werewolf at night

For example, you can get fun this Elytra Starter to jump very high, but never forget about Umbrella to guaranty safe landing.

Do you hurry up? Just use Panic Necklace and you increase your speed

A lot of mobs attack you? Use shield
for Minecraft PE 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: astronomic-expansion-v0_9_0.mcaddon [33,78 Kb]

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