Ultimate Sword Addon

Ultimate Sword Addon for Minecraft PE adds a lot of new swords into your world. All of them will replaced by original game items. For example, fire sword will replaced by blaze road or thunder sword by fishing road and so on. All swords will give you useful abilities as immune, spawn lightning bolt, change your size and so on.


How to get swords?

As I said, all swords replaced by original items from your Minecraft. Here I write the list of replacing.

  • Bone Sword (Replaces Bone)
  • Fire Sword (Replaces Blaze Rod)
  • Thunder Sword (Replaces Fishing Rod)
  • Creeper Sword (Replaces Bow)
  • Coal Sword (Replaces Stick)


What exactly swords do?

Bone Sword has great attack damage and good speed boost

Fire Sword give you immune to fire and lava

Thunder Sword give you a possibility to spell lightning bolt

Creeper Sword shoot explosives

Coal Sword will change your size

Download recommend for Minecraft PE 1.2 + versions

DOWNLOAD: ultimate-sword-resource.mcpack [272,23 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: ultimate-sword-behavior.mcpack [170,94 Kb]


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