Ancient Egypt Add-on

Ancient Egypt Add-on for Minecraft PE turn back your time to Ancient Egypt. It adds new mobs from those times. Some of them will your friend, other will hostile to you. If you want to change your game and see how people live in ancient time, I recommend you to install this mod.

developers: TK-6606, YouTube Channel


What the mobs you will see?

Ancient Egyptian Warrior (Skeleton & Stray)

Those kind of mobs hate Evil Ancient Egyptians and attack monsters

Evil Ancient Egyptian Warrior (Zombie)

Hostile towards Ancient Egyptians, you and mobs

Ancient Egyptian Underworld Warrior (Wither Skeleton)

Ancient Egyptian Axe Man (Zombie Pigman)

Mummy (Husk)

The Pharaoh (Evoker)

Ancient Egyptian Guard (Vindicator)

Ancient Egyptian (Villager):

Zombiefied Ancient Egyptian (Villager)

Download for Minecraft PE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: ancient-egypt.mcaddon [410,23 Kb]


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