Plant VS Zombie Addon

Plant VS Zombie Addon for Minecraft PE is addon, which based on famous game Plant VS Zombie. It adds some item and mobs. I very like graphic models new mobs.

How to get mobs?

At first, you have to get Jack-In-The-Box (replaced by Shulker). This box transform dye in mobs.

Where you can find Jack In The Box?

As we know, that this box replaced by Shulker. We have to search in End.

How to use The box?

You have to use some dye and you see how this box transorm in mob. What the exactly dye you need to use, you can see below in the article.

Box looks like on this screenshot

List of mobs

Snow Pea (Light Blue Dye)

This mobs hate zombies and attack them with frozen peas

Peashooter (Lime Dye)

Attack zombie the same as Snow Pea

Wallnut (Ink Sac)

Puff-Shroom (Pink Dye)

Attack zombie with spores

Potatomine (Cocoa Beans)

Killing zombie through explosion

Other Plants:

  • The Fire Pea (Red Dye): attack with fire peas
  • Repeater (Green Dye): attack with two peas at one time
  • Explode-O-Nut (Orange Dye): -

 for MCPE 1.2 + 

DOWNLOAD: resourceplantvzombiev15.mcpack [158.97 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: behaviourplantvzombiev15.mcpack [9.87 Kb]

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