Herobrine Addon

Herobrine Addon for Minecraft PE adds Herobrine into your game. Every knowing that this character is a rumor, but every rumor has part of true. This addon implement into your world the most mystic person and have to battle with him, want you or not.

developers: TheEnderface (Twitter), HeroPlayz_YT (Twitter), Jujustyle7 (Twitter)


How to summon Herobrin?

You will get new soul blocks ( replaced by iron blocks ) and with that materials you need to built Herobrine ( as you built golem ) body, leg, hands and had. After you put the had, Herobrine will alive.

It will no easy battle. Herobrine able to teleport, shoot fire, summon TNT and many other different things.

Hint how to kill Herobrine

You need do not miss the moment when he starts to blink. In that moment, start attack him as power as you can.

for Minecraft PE 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: herobrine-resources.mcpack [657,44 Kb] DOWNLOAD: herobrine-behaviors.mcpack [308,19 Kb]

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