Ant-Man Add-on

Ant-Man Add-on for Minecraft PE can turn you in superhero from Marvel. Yes! You can be ant man. It is very small character, but he is strange, quickly and has immune to fire. It sounds gut for you? In this article you tell you about how to turn in Ant Man.

developers: Kiritocris55, Twitter Account


How to be Ant Man?

At first, you have to get new instrument Minitature Power (replaced by Arrow). Where you can find it? For example, create creative world and try to search in your inventory. When you take it, your size will change. You will very small and it is amazing!


What the abilities you will have?

  • Super small size
  • Great and powerful damage
  • Super speed
  • Immune to fire


But there is some negative side of your size. Your health will lower than normal. It is logic, because some small person, cannot has big health level.

For Minecraft PE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: ant-man-b.mcpack [1,43 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: ant-man-r.mcpack [1,37 Mb]


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