Snake addon

Snake addon for Minecraft PE adds big, fat and green python into your game. Do you really want to fight with her? No? You can tame her and get the best friend in our world, but of course, you can have good adversary in big battle. The snake replced by Silverfish and you can very quickly spawn it.

developers: Fernancraft277998, Twitter Account

How to spawn snake?

It is easy. The snake replaced by Silverfish. Now you know where you can find it. For example, you can just create new world with creative mode and try to find it in your inventory

How to tame the snake?

You can get great friend if you tame python. How it do it?

  • Take the raw beef in your hand
  • Come closer
  • Make long tap on snake
  • Tap on the new button

for Minecraft PE 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: snake-addon-v1-by-fernan.mcaddon [316,03 Kb] (count: 21)

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