Seasons Add-on

Seasons Add-on for Minecraft PE adds seasons in your game. Leafs on the trees will change the colors in depends which season it will be. For example, in winter, your trees color will be white ( because snow ) , in autumn will be orange, in summer and spring – green. It is great feature and I recommend you to download it.

update: 9.11.2017

bug fixes

How it works?

You add four season into your game. If season changes, then trees change the color of leafs. Change color will be only trees ( waiting for new upload, maybe creator make this changing for all vegetation )


for Minecraft PE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: season-addon-v_2.mcaddon [94,73 Kb] (count: 31)

old versions:

DOWNLOAD: seasonsv2alldurations.mcaddon [80,57 Kb] (count: 69)

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