The Space Addon

The Space Addon for Minecraft change END in Moon dimension. You can easy reach it with portal. Are you ready to Moon adventure? It also adds new items ( for example spacesuit, which adds new ability )

developers: solvedDev, Twitter Account

How to get spacesuit?

When you will go to new Moon dimension, you have to dress in special spacesuit. It helps survive there and adds some useful ability. Get spacesuit and you can explore and open space very easy.

Spacesuit consist of:

  • Oxygen Helmet: health regeneration boost, no drowing damage
  • Suit: no knockback
  • Leggings: boost your speed
  • Boots: no fall damage

You can also change color your spacesuit through dye. ( because new suit will replaced by leather armor )

How to get in moon dimension?

You can use the same way as with End. Find a portal

How looks new world? screenshot

recommend for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: the-space.mcaddon [12,63 Kb]

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