The Vampires Addon

The Vampires Addon for Minecraft PE adds new mobs and items. All of mobs will be hostile and extremely dangerous for you. Addon also adds few items, which you can get from killing mobs and boss. Do not forget, vampires will be very scary with day lights. It can save you from these monsters.

developers: ZachMC

List of mobs

  • Vampire Source (Zombie)
  • Vampire (Husk)
  • Vampire Villager (Zombie Villager)

List of new items

  • Healing Star (Nether Star): you can heal the vamire villagers. Star dropped Forbidden Boss (replaces the Wither Boss).
  • Vampire‚Äôs Cape (replaces Elytra): Dropped by vampires.

screenshots are here

for Minecraft PE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: vampirebp.mcpack [7,33 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: vampirerp.mcpack [743,33 Kb]

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