More Totems Addon

More Totems Addon for Minecraft PE adds 9 basic totem and 7 ones for trading. You will see new mob in village, which trade totems, but you can get them with other few ways. Totems will give you immunity to fire, fall damage, potions and other different damages. They can really save your life.

developers: solvedDev, Twitter Account

How to get new totems?

As I said you have few ways get new totems:

  1. Evoker Illager has a little chance to drop it. So, you have to kill him.
  2. Find new villager Taron ( but prepare resources to change )
  3. You can also use commands to get new totems

Command write in your game chat: /give @p yellow_flower 1 [number from 0 to 15]

There are new resources

List of ordinary totem below. You have to give one of them to Taron and he will craft Combined Totem. After it, give to Taron two Combined Totems and some Totem Flowers and he will craft Mixed totem. It is basic ingredient in recipe.

  • Ordinary Green Totem – Dropped by Zombies
  • Ordinary Red Totem – Dropped by Magma Slimes
  • Ordinary Purple Totem – Dropped by Endermen
  • Ordinary Blue Totem – Dropped by Squids and Elder Guardians
  • Totem Flower – Can be used to craft yellow dye, replaces dandelions and spawns naturally in your world

How to craft new totem?

At first, you need to know, that totem is active, if you hold it in your main hand.

MT = Mixed Totem

  • Totem of Fire – Crafting: MT & Magmablocks | Immunity to fire damage
  • Totem of Air – Crafting: MT & Feathers | Immunity to fall damage
  • Totem of Water – Crafting: MT & Prismarine Shards | Immunity to drowning damage
  • Totem of Magic – Crafting: MT & Spider Eyes | Immunity to damage through potions
  • Totem of Withering – Crafting: MT & Wither Skull | Immunity to wither damage
  • Totem of TNT – Crafting: MT & TNT | Immunity to explosion damage
  • Totem of Projectiles – Crafting: MT & Bow | Immunity to projectile damage
  • Totem of Food – Crafting: MT & Steak | Immunity to starving
  • Totem of Flight – Crafting: MT & Dragon Egg | No gravity while holding it
  • Totem of Undying – Crafting: MT & Emeralds | Saves you from dying

for Minecraft PE 1.2

DOWNLOAD: more-totems.mcaddon [19,91 Kb]

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