The Forgotten Addon

The Forgotten Addon for Minecraft PE adds new mobs and items into your game. You will see fish, human, giant, killer bunny, ruby and new flowers. Do you want add something you? It is right addon for this.

developers: Rexiar, Twitter Account

What this addon adds?

  • Fish – new mob, replaced by squid.
  • Pigman – new mob, replaced by Villager.
  • Human – new mob, replaced by Creeper
  • Giant – new mob, replaced by Husk
  • Killer bunny – new mob, replaced rabbit
  • Ruby – new item, replaced diamond

It also adds new sound and two types of flowers.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: tfa-resource.mcpack [336,08 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: tfa-behaviour.mcpack [5,94 Kb]

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