Killer Clown Add-on

Killer Clown Add-on for Minecraft PE adds new mobs in your game. It will be scary clown. His graphic model is one of the best feature of this addon, because creator did it awesome! I recommend play with this addon in nighttime, it will be scarier.

MCPECommunityPE, Twitter Account

How to play?

Killer Clown replced by Wither Skeleton. You have two ways to spawn him.

  • Go around and try to find him in your world. It will be easy to do in Nether, because you have big chance to see him.
  • The second way. You can create new world with creative mode, open your inventory and take mob spawner.

one more screenshot.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: killerclown-add-on.mcaddon [245,34 Kb]

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