Jimbo’s Useful Wards Add-on

Jimbo’s Useful Wards Add-on for Minecraft PE adds new turrets in your game. They will be replaced two golems ( snow and iron ) Turrets are great in attack and they could even heal your. It is great help in your surviving. They will be fixed. I mean, they cannot walk, only stay on one point.

developers: Jimbo_Acob, Twitter Account

How to play?

As I said, turrets replaced by iron and snow golems. You can built turrets the same way as you built golems. The screenshot is below. For first structure, you use iron blocks and pumpkin on a head, and for second structure, you will use snow blocks and pumpkin on a head.

If you will built turrets near you and some hostile mobs will be close to you, then turrets will attack them.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: bv2-usefulwardsbehavior.mcpack [4,9 Kb] (count: 1) DOWNLOAD: tv2-usefulwardstexture.mcpack [6,02 Kb] (count: 1)

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