Pumpkin Maniac Addon

Pumpkin Maniac Addon for Minecraft PE adds two dangerous bosses. They will replaced by creeper and iron golem. Each of them has unique skills and special power. As for me, they looks creepy enough and it is cool!

developers: TheEnderface, Twitter Account

How to spawn bosses?

As we know, then they replaced by iron golem and creeper. We could try to find them in our Overworld. It will be easy, because creepers and iron golems are everywhere.

Second way to get the bosses – create new world with creative mode, open your inventory and try to find spawn eggs from right boss.

Who they are?

Pumpkin monster is first boss

He replaced by iron golem. Prepare to crazy jump

of this boss. Of course, Pumpkin monster is hostile towards you.

Pumpkin terror is second boss.

Hostile mob. Replaced by creeper mob. Be prepare to explotion.

For Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 DOWNLOAD: pumkin-maniac-behavior.mcpack [99,22 Kb] (count: 1)

DOWNLOAD: pumkin-maniac-resource.mcpack [873,66 Kb] (count: 1)

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