Alien Creeper Addon

Alien Creeper Addon for Minecraft PE will change your creeper into new one. Your normal creeper are boring for you? Use this addon and you can easily upgrade him. At first, he changes the model. Now he is purple. New creeper will be friendly! Do not scare him anymore. He will even helps you to kill hostile mobs.

developers: Cheete, Twitter Account

How to play?

New creeper replaced by old one. You have to just install this addon. If you want to quickly get new creeper, you can create new world with creative mode and try to find spawn egg in your inventory.


for Minecraft Pocket Editon 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: alien-creepers-addon-behavior.mcpack [679,3 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: alien-creepers-addon-resource.mcpack [693,55 Kb]

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