Minecraft 1.4 Addon (Concepts!)

I prepare for you new addon for Minecraft PE. Creator was inspired by Aquatic Update ( it is coming update ) for new version of game. What will add Mojang in that version? We can just guess. This addon adds new mobs to your game and mostly they will live underwater.

developers: StarkTMA, Twitter Account

Which new mobs will you see?

All of the new mobs will replaced by the old one. As usually in addons. It is good for us, because each mob you can easy to get through spawn eggs.

Look at the first screenshot. You can see dolphins and many fishes.

Prepare your fish rod, because now fishing became more interesting.

It also add huge squid with amazing graphic model.

You will see new hostile small mobs

New mob

video review
for Minecraft PE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: minecon-1_4-build-2-b.mcpack [324,12 Kb] (count: 135)

DOWNLOAD: minecon-1_4-build-2-r.mcpack [503,22 Kb] (count: 75)

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