3D Lightsaber Addon

3D Lightsaber Addon for Minecraft PE adds four swords to your game. Do you like Star Wars? These swords are very similar to light swords. Each of them will have individual color and attack effect. You can choose color between red, blue, yellow and green. Distinctive feature is awesome graphic these swords.

developers: TheEnderface, Twitter Account

How to get new swords?

All swords replaced by skull and head blocks, but, us usually, you can create new world with creative mode and just try to find them in your inventory.

How look swords in your game? Look at this screenshot below

Try to use all swords and choose right one, because all of them will have different attack and effect.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2.6 + DOWNLOAD: lightsaber-bahavior.mcpack [30,4 Kb]

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