Better Multiplayer Addon

Better Multiplayer Addon for Minecraft PE gives you more interaction with your game partner. Addon adds some items, if you hold one of them and then tap on your friend, he can get some effect. For example, boost speed, health regeneration, haste effect, poison effect and so on.

developers: solvedDev, Twitter Account

What you should do?

I put below the list of items. You have to take one of them, hold in your hand and then tap on your friend.

  • Rabbit Foot -> Jump boost effect
  • Golden Apple -> Golden apple effects
  • Enchanted Apple Effects -> Enchanted apple effects
  • Golden Pickaxe -> Haste effect
  • Any Flower -> Heals one heart
  • Rotten Heart (newly added item dropped by zombies) -> Heals two hearts
  • Spider Eye -> Poison effect
  • Rotten Flesh -> Hunger effect

On this screenshots you can see some example, what you can do with your friend. On the first picture, it shows healling, on second one — boost effect. This addon even can use for trolling. Good luck!

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: bettermultiplayer.mcaddon [5,78 Kb]

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