Reduce Player Gravity Addon

Reduce Player Gravity Addon for Minecraft PE adds gravity buffs. There will be rondomly spawn all around your world and after you pick up it, you will able to control gravity ( look more detail in GIF image below the text ) It is great addition to MCPE.

How it works?

Work with normal gravity is borring. What if I say, that you can control your gravity? You have to just find some gravity buffs. Look at this image When you pick up this gravity buff, you can fly away ( for example ) so you able to control your gravity. Lets make your game more interesting! Also, you can get one of three gravity mode ( normal, 50% and 100% ) Have fun and experiment more!
for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: gravity-control-addon-0_4_4.mcpack [8,56 Kb]

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