More Trident Models Pack

More Trident Models Pack addon for Minecraft PE adds 5 new Trident models. As you know, recently Trident is new games weapon, which was added in Minecraft PE 1.3 Update Aquatic. It is only beta version of this modification and it will be continue developed.

developers: TheEnderface, Twitter Account

How to get new trident models:

You have to download new game version Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.3 Update Aquatic. Then, just create new world and in world settings choose use experimental gameplay. After that, you will get new weapons, as another your blocks or items. ( in inventory )

You can choose from 5 different designes. You need to know, that they will be add no ability or super power. They will just look diferent and cool.

Here you can see list of these 5 models:


magma Lightsaber Kunai Enderface Sword
for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.3 +

DOWNLOAD: trident-model-light-saber.mcpack [53,07 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: trident-model-shuriken.mcpack [115,19 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: trident-model-magma-sword.mcpack [72,8 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: trident-model-kunai.mcpack [73,97 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: trident-model-enderface-sword.mcpack [45,1 Kb]

Settings > Global Resources .McPack

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