Vanilla Furniture Addon

Vanilla Furniture Addon for Minecraft PE adds new furniture into your game. The main furniture are not only for decoration and they have own behavior and function ( sit on the chair, for example )

How to make furniture?

At first, find shulkers egg and put it down. Step two is to use some dye, different dye will transform that egg in furniture.

  • Big Red Chair (Pink Dye) – you can sit on it
  • Eggs (Shulker Spawn Egg) – no function
  • Computer (Silver Dye) – no function
  • Cabinet (Red Dye) – you can use it as a storage
  • Trash Can (Lime Dye) – you can put in it your trash
  • Blue Chair (Lapis Lazuli) – sit function
  • Stool (Light Blue Dye) – you can sit on it
  • Lamp (Black Dye) – no function

before you use dye , you will see egg something like this

Look at some screenshots. Most of the new funiture present on this foto. You can observe the interesting staff here

This screenshots will show the function of chair DOWNLOAD: vanilla-furniture-addon.mcaddon [82,07 Kb]

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