Bedrock Armor Addon

Bedrock Armor Addon for Minecraft PE adds new bedrock armor, which will replaced by chain armor. With new armor set you will get immune to fire damage, explosives and so on. When you wear this armor, your health will increase and speed too. In new armor you will be more powerful and prepare to hard survival in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

developers: Minecrafter_001

How to get bedrock armor?

The easiest way is find chain armor. You could also find Armorer villager and buy it for emeralds. The another way, you can kill wither boss and then hope to it drop.

What gives you armor set ( full list of advantages ):

  • Immune fire, magic, projectile, explosives, fall damage
  • You will be invisible
  • You will move faster
  • Zero durability of the armor

some of the screenshots you can see here

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: bedrockarmor.mcaddon [707,42 Kb]

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