Balloonable Mobs Addon (Beta)

Balloonable Mobs Addon (Beta) for Minecraft PE adds interesting feature to your game. You could tie a balloon to any of the mobs in MCPE. It will give you a lot of fun! Of course is a little modification, but I recommend you to try it and invite friends to have fun together! You will able to do this feature with any of the mob in your game.

WARNING! Do not forget enable Education Edition (and possibly Experimental Features) in setting of the game

How to get balloon?

You should collect 5 Carbon and 7 Hydrogen in the Compound Creator to get get Latex. Than you see screenshot below how to craft balloon. It is easy! You should collect helium, due, lead and of course 6 Latex. That is all!

for Minecraft Pocket Edition +

DOWNLOAD: balloonable-mobs-addon.mcpack [350,04 Kb]

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