Ford F-150 & Chevy Silverado Addon

Ford F-150 & Chevy Silverado Addon for Minecraft PE adds two the best cars ever. They will look amazing and of course, you could ride them. Ford will be in red color and Chevy will be in blue one. Definitely, these cars are the most awesome car on the America market and now you can use it in Minecraft Pocket Edition word.

How to get cars?

At first, you should know, that cars will replaced by spider. I recommend you just find in your inventory some of spider spawn eggs.

How to ride cars?

Cars look beautiful, but not only for this should you download this addon. You can ride on these cars and move faster.

  • For Android and iOS platform – come close to the car, make long tap on the shadow of the car and you will see new bottom RIDE, after you will in, you should hold in your hand the key ( replaced by carrot on a stick)
  • For Windows 10 you should do the same, instead, you replace right click, not tap.

for Minecraft PE +

DOWNLOAD: f-150-and-chevrolet-silverado-addon.mcaddon [538,06 Kb]

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