Avengers Infinity War Addon

Avengers Infinity War Addon for Minecraft PE based on the famous film Avenger Infinity War. This addon adds new suits, blocks, mobs, instruments and weapons. It also adds boss, which has 1 000 hp life and he is incredibly strong.

On this screenshots you could see the new suits of main characters in this movie. I recommend you take this one suit, before you go to attack boss.

developers: MrMinechest (Twitter), JEBR_Gaming (Twitter)

On this screenshots you see main boss ( 1 000 health ) He has special effects like transportation, which make boss very strong and powerful.

New mobs you can see here. As you understand, all characters are from that movie.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.5 + DOWNLOAD: infinitywaraddon.mcaddon [14,64 Mb]

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