Humanoid Villagers Add-on

Humanoid Villagers Add-on for Minecraft PE changes villagers in your game. Now they are not weak and powerless. As soon as come zombie, villagers take gun and start to fight on the death! Now villagers are smarter and stronger then were in past.

What will change?

At first, you will see another looks of villagers. They will wear player skins. Addon also adds new sounds. Villagers will speak now.

As I said already, when zombie come to any village and try to hit anybody. Villagers start to fight with zombie, get the weapons and protect the village.

Look on the screenshot below. This is army of villagers, which can defeat village and himself.

Villagers will get more health and be stronger.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.5 + DOWNLOAD: humanid_villlager_rp_1_4.mcpack [33,57 Kb] DOWNLOAD: humanid_villlager_bh_1_4.mcpack [27,2 Kb]

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