Jetpack Addon

Jetpack Addon for Minecraft PE adds jetpack into your game. This is electric device, which can help you fly up in the sky. This is some rocket backpack and you will worn it on the back. Jatpack was taken from science fiction and maybe in future we will use it to move our body on the short distance.

developers: solvedDev, Twitter Account

How to get jetpack?

Jetpack will replaced by chest plate ( vanilla armor from your world ) Of course you can craft it by yourself. The second way to get it, kill zombie and waiting until it drops. The third way to get it, just create new world with creative mode and find it in your inventory.

After you have jetpack. You need to equip it and press sneak button. Then you able to fly wherever you want.

Now you can see how looks jetpack on some screenshots from this addon

for Minecraft PE 1.4/1.5 +

DOWNLOAD: jetpacks-v1_1.mcaddon [5.65 Kb]

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