Angry Animals Add-on

Angry Animals Add-on for Minecraft PE transforts all your mobs in aggressive and hostile. All of them will have red eyes ( how wolf does, when they are aggressive ) Mobs will no longer weak, they become more health and powerful. Now your game will be more hard and interesting for you.

developers: Ayrtown_Karlos, Twitter Account

On screenshot below you can see, that group of aggressive bunny wanna attack Steve and intention to kill him.

The another screenshot show you how angry and aggressive are chicken and cows. It is great idea, if you want make your Minecraft Pocket Edition another one and more original.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5 + DOWNLOAD: angry_animals_bh_v3.mcpack [37,03 Kb] DOWNLOAD: angry_animals_rp_v3.mcpack [141,53 Kb]

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