Mechanic Addon

Mechanic addon for Minecraft PE adds robot, which will replaced by creeper. Robot will be neutral mob and you can tame him ( feed him coal ) The main feature of this addon is that you can ride on this robot. You could more quickly and funny move through your world and robot will not afraid lava or high mountains )

developers: JosethDrops

How find robot?

As I said, robot will replaced by creeper. You could find him in your Overworld everywhere. Another way to spawn robot is create new world with creative mode and find it in your inventory.

How tame the robot?

You could tame robot with coal. Come to robot close and feed him some coal. Then you will able to ride on the robot.

Another good feature. Robot has free slots to use. You able to use 27 slots. Just ride on the robot and open your interface ( instead your will open robots interface )

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5

DOWNLOAD: mechanicarmoraddon.mcaddon [323.53 Kb]

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