Elemental Friends Add-on

Elemental Friends Add-on for Minecraft PE adds three new mobs into your game. There will be flame boy, ice girl and ice spider. Each of them will have unique skills and you can tame them. After taming mobs will follow you and protect from hostile creatures.

How to get new mobs?

All of them will be replaced by vanilla mobs from your world. You could try to find them in your Overworld and create new world with creative mode and take spawn eggs.

  • Flame boy will replaced by skeleton
  • Ice girl replaced by Stray
  • Ice spider replaced by Cave Spider

How to tame new mobs?

If you will tame some of mobs, they will follow you and fight with your against hostile mobs.

To tame mobs feed them:

  1. Ice girl – snowball
  2. Ice spider – snowball
  3. Flame boy – coal

here you can see on some screenshots

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5 +

DOWNLOAD: elemental-friends-behavior-pack.mcpack [19.07 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: elemental-friends-resource-pack.mcpack [601.58 Kb]

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