Vanilla+ Potions Addon

Vanilla+ Potions Addon for Minecraft PE adds 8 new poison into your game. All poison you could get only through killing witches ( only that way you can get poison ). All new poison will replaced by old poison and will get new functions. Do you want make in your world something you? Install this addon and have more fun with poison effects!

Creator: solvedDev

How to get new poison?

As I have wrote already, there is only one way to get poison. You should kill witches and wait for drop of poisons.
How to use poisons?
You need get it and hold in your hand a while. Then you will see that poison will active.

on the first foto below you could see the Witch, only this mob will drop new poison
One the second screenshot below you could see how to identify that poison is active

Download for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5

DOWNLOAD: vanilla-potions.mcaddon [12.02 Kb]

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