Vindication Villager Addon

Vindication Villager Addon for Minecraft PE will add new mob Vindicator Illagers, who will protect the village and villagers against hostile mobs and monsters. This new mob will replaced by Vindicator Villager and of course, he will has different behaviors.

How to create new mob Vindicator Illager?
At first, you should find Vindicator Villager in some village and give him Iron Axe. You need to take iron axe in your hand and then make long tap on the mob. After that you will see new button — push on it. After you do it, you will see that this mob will protect village and villagers from hostile mobs.

download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5
DOWNLOAD: vindication-villager-add-on.mcaddon [23.57 Kb]

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