Bike Add-on

Bike addon for Minecraft PE adds BMX Bike into your game. Now you can move more quickly and have double fun! You can also choose different color your bike and make him more unique. Do you want some changes in your Minecraft Pocket Edition? Try to install this addon and with Bike you can make your game more interesting and fresh.

developers: Nogard

How to get new bike?

Bike will replaced by mob Witch. You can just go around your world and try to find your bike. Of course, you could create new world with creative mode and in your inventory find witch egg spawn. ( it will be very easy way )

How to ride the bike?
You need come to your bike very close and then make long tap on it ( if you have Windows 10, you should do right click )
Download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5

  1. Red Bike .McAddon
  2. Blue Bike .McAddon
  3. Green Bike .McAddon
  4. Yellow Bike .McAddon
  5. Lime Bike .McAddon
  6. Light Blue Bike .McAddon
  7. Cyan Bike .McAddon
  8. Orange Bike .McAddon
  9. Purple Bike .McAddon
  10. Black Bike .McAddon
  11. White Bike .McAddon

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