Spiderman’s Webshooters Addon

Spiderman’s Webshooters Addon for Minecraft PE adds two weapons into your world. They can help you be the spiderman from marvel universe. Webshooter attack is the first weapon, which cool kills mobs. Webshooter Swing is second weapon, which help you teleport.

developers: Keyyard

How to get new weapons?

Both of new weapons will replaced by vanilla items from your world, which you could see below. The easiest way to get weapons, is create new world with creative mode and find in your inventory these items.

  1. Webshooter Swing will replaced by ender pearl
  2. Webshooter Attack will replaced by fishing road

How to use weapons ?
It is very easy and intuitively. For example with Webshooter Swing you aim to the point, where you want to teleport and make a shot. On this screenshot below I want to teleport on the mounting.Webshooter Attack is cool weapon especially for quickly and effective battle.
Download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5 DOWNLOAD: spidey-r-2_0.mcpack [154.26 Kb] DOWNLOAD: spidey-b-2_0.mcpack [109.84 Kb]

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