ThanosGauntlet Add-on

ThanosGauntlet Add-on for Minecraft PE adds glow, which will give to zou superpower! Now battles with your enemies will be more easy and quickly. Your regeneration, resistance, strength, power and ets will better. If you want to get superglows, you should kill some powerful mob.

developers: Santigamer836

How to get superglows?

Superglows will replaced by Trident. Of course, you can create new world with creative mode and become it from your inventory, but it is easy way. If you want play in survival and hard, you should find Drowned mob and kill him, he will drop this glows. When you get glows, you should put them in your hotbar.

What the superpower you will get?

  1. Your generation will better
  2. You will get night vision
  3. You will jump higher
  4. You will more speedy
  5. Your strength skill will increase
  6. You will get resistance better

Download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5…..

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