Mine-Tanks Add-on for Minecraft PE

Mine-Tanks Add-on for Minecraft PE adds a few tanks, new armor and weapons. This staff helps you start a really big war in your world. The tanks look very great; you can drive it and even shoot missiles. Do not forget about sniper rifle and good Camouflage Armor.

How to get the tank?

There are two tanks. Addons will change these on mobs. The easiest way is to take spawn eggs in survival mode, but in creative you get just them in inventory.

  1. Green Tank has replaced by Wither Skeleton
  2. Pastel Tank has replaced by Stray

Look at this screenshot.

How to drive a tank?

You need to come close to tank and do a long tap on him, after that you will see the button drive it. It is very important to take in your hand ender pearl because only in that way you can control this machine.

  1. If you have windows device you have to do right click instead tap.

Look at this picture. I am inside the tank and a shoot an explosion missile.

I think you already guess why there are two color green and sand. Because the enemies will see you more worse if you get the green tank and stay nearly trees and grass. You can good hide from your friends.

How to get new weapon and armor?

As some mobs will turn in tank, also this addon will change something new for you.

  • Sniper Rifle replaced by bow
  • Throwable Knives has been replaced by Experience Bottles
  • Missiles replaced by ender perls
  • Bullets changed arrows
  • Camouflage Armor replaced by Chainmail Armor

You can this on this picture below how to looks like the armor

How to install?

  • create the new world in Minecraft PE
  • download two files below
  • tap on them to install in MCPE
  • change the addons setting ( resource pack and behavior)

DOWNLOAD: mine-tanks-2-resource.mcpack [1,26 Mb] (count: 5)

DOWNLOAD: mine-tanks-2-behavior.mcpack [1,24 Mb] (count: 4)

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