Garuda Boss Add-on

Garuda Boss Add-on for Minecraft PE adds boss into your game. Garuda is a big bird from myth. This boss will replaced by Phantom mob. If you want to show your battle skill I recommend you try to kill that boss.

How you can find Garuda?
Garuda replaced by Phantom. I recommend you create new world with creative mode and find phantom spawn egg in your invenyory.

How kill the Boss?
As I already wrote, Garuda is huge bird and it replaced by Phantom ( new mob from latest MCPE version ) I hope you will good prepare to fight with Garuda, because this bird is strong and powerful.

download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5
DOWNLOAD: gbaddon-behpack.mcpack [647.7 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: gbaddon-recpack.mcpack [2.12 Mb]

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