TF2 Engineer Addon

TF2 Engineer Addon for Minecraft PE adds some machine from Team Fortress 2. One of them will attack enemies, another one will heal you.

Creator: Rexiar

What the machine this addon adds?

The first important item is toolbox. Through Toolbox you will create another machines. It will replaced by Shulker. You should placed Toolbox on the ground.
How to get Toolbox?
create new world with creative mode and find shulker spawn egg in inventory ( OR type /summon shulker in your chat )Sentry
It is some turret machit, which will attack every hostile mob, who will come close to machine. It is amazing helper in your survival.
How to get Sentry?
Use Lapis Lazuli dye on the ToolboxSentry will be updated through giving 1 Gold IngotDispenser
Another cool helper machine. It can heal not only you, but neutral mobs ( pigs and so on )
How to get Dispenser?
Rose Red dye on the Toolbox
Download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.6 +
DOWNLOAD: behavior-engieaddon.mcpack [3.9 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: resource-engieaddon.mcpack [878.74 Kb]

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